Auctions at Golgothica

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16 Oct
Liang ScorpioBread
Restrictions: any
No buyers
Gertrudeness ResidentBittertits Hallows Eve Dance of FertilityNo buyers
14 Oct
LetoLeda ResidentBreadNo buyers
LetoLeda ResidentShieldNo buyers
24 Sep
Duras VarnishStewSold for: G$ 10
to: Satoharu Nakamura
23 Sep
Renickor DartmouthBreadNo buyers
17 Sep
Renickor DartmouthA pinch and a punch for the first day of the monthNo buyers
Tabitha Somersley2 Shields
Restrictions: None
No buyers
14 Sep
Genessis Resident1 ratSold for: G$ 10
to: Tabitha Somersley
13 Sep
Lakshmi Namori3 fresh loaves of breadSold for: G$ 5
to: Dolorific Resident
Julnara Resident5 Smuggled Wine Bottles
Restrictions: Only Sober people
Sold for: G$ 50
to: Karlos Zero
12 Sep
Tabitha Somersley2 Beers and 1 StewSold for: G$ 10
to: Satoharu Nakamura
11 Sep
Renickor DartmouthHugNo buyers
Tabitha SomersleyBeef and BreadNo buyers
08 Sep
Gaines Rhapsody0
Restrictions: 0
No buyers
03 Sep
Tabitha SomersleyBeerSold for: G$ 5
to: Julnara Resident
30 Aug
Julnara ResidentRed Wine
Restrictions: Lovely taste and very refreshing
Sold for: G$ 7
to: Roscoe Viper
19 Aug
Renickor Dartmouthhug
Restrictions: Female Only
No buyers
15 Aug
Salave SciavoMalcom Kristan's rock hard cock. Needs a really warm home. Please make any and all inquiries directly to the Seller "Des Perado"
Restrictions: Women Only
Sold for: G$ 200
to: friskie Quintessa
13 Aug
Malcom Kristanfriskie's tongue
Restrictions: male only
Sold for: G$ 50
to: Malcom Kristan
Malcom Kristan/me laughs
Restrictions: this is new
Sold for: G$ 20
to: Malcom Kristan